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1 June, 2010


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The-Veteran-homage, originally uploaded by Gavin.Warren.

Heres a mock-up of a book cover I have finished as an art project – The Author mentioned is a rip roaring Sci Fi author Scott Sigler – check out his stuff at http://www.scottcigler.com

Cheers g


18 April, 2010

Scott Sigler

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Scott Sigler (1), originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

Getting to meet the New York Times bestselling author, Scott Sigler was a real treat.

His books and podcasts have relieved the boredom and monotony of many many days of surveillance.

Looking forward to the next couple of books – cheers g

Henry Rollins – ha Gotcha!

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Henry Rollins 12, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

The punchline to Henry’s cross-dressing lady-boy fantasy story – Ha, Gotcha!!!

To get the full effect – go to a spoken word gig – brilliant. G

17 April, 2010

Henry Rollins live Spoken Word

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Henry Rollins 4, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

Henry Rollins, I saw him in Black Flag in the mid 80’s, I saw him in The Henry Rollins Band at the Livid Festival in the 90s and now Hank is doing a spoken word world tour – in the naughties.

His intensity is still amazing, his delivery is non-stop (for fear that the crowd will rush the stage and kill him) and his mind is as sharp as a tack.

I was blown away by his recitation of the Freedom of Speech from the US Constitution was jaw dropping….. we could all learn a thing or two from this man.

Keep well Hank, look after that voice-box – g

28 January, 2010

Phillip Island Classic Bike Races – 23 Jan 10

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Phillip Island 23 Jan 10, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

Classic Bikes racing at the world famous – Phillip Island – circuit.

The weather was perfect, the bikes were loud and smelly – “I love the smell of methanol in the morning, its the smell of racing!”

This guy won his unlimited race and popped a sweet wheelie out of Siberia in early celebration – good on ya!

Click the photo for link to further pix…. g

Prince William – Melbourne – 2010

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D7A_7188 (1), originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

Well, Melbourne had the Royal Flying visit – two days of the paparazzi trying to get to Wills to get shots of him ….. (there was also a cadre of journalists in a bus following but anyways…)

Young Prince William took the time to get out of the cavalcade to walk the last 100 metres to Government House – thankfully I was in the right spot with the 300mm Telephoto lens and took a few shots –

Click the link (photo) for a few more.


27 January, 2010

Motorbikes and Fish & chips!

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Aussie ZRX 1200 on Pier 2, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

It was a perfect day – not a cloud in the sky and the most beautiful light breeze to keep things mild and temperate.

We took a ride down to the Williamstown waterfront for fish & chips and a stroll…..

The only place in Oz that was relatively deserted – Willy town – no idea why!

This is the ZRX 1200R that I swapped for the Triumph Thruxton – while I loved the Thruxton, I needed some cash and the opportunity to sell it came up, and so I have now gone back to the UJM – (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) style of bike. Cheaper, more reliable, more comfortable and ironically, faster…. not that I spend much of my time speeding nowadays…

Oh… BTW…. If you go to Williamstown – find another fish shop other than ‘Mussels’ the Prawns were rubbery, the chips were manky and they charged $1.50 for a thimble of Tartar sauce.

2 December, 2009

Stand-By for a New Year (2010) Project.

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Hey there Trendsetters,
In 2010 I will be posting information about my Exhibition of Melbourne Icons and Interesting People.

There will be an exhibition of my work in various forms and formats on exhibition with food and drinkies at some stage – keep an eye here on the blog.

Cheers G

12 April, 2009

Elliot Ave – Royal Park.jpg

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Elliot Ave – Royal Park.jpg, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

Saw this this afternoon coming home from work… mystery.

Any clues?


26 March, 2009

Selena Cross CD Launch

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Selena Cross 3, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

Hey there gang,
Before you go saying, texting and e-mailing me … hey this isn’t Selena Cross, I know… it’s her guitarist … ok!

Selena and I are waiting to release the shots taken on the night for a special event…

Keep coming back and checking as there will be some spectacular shots here… and on Selena’s Website & Myspace pages.

Cheers G

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