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6 January, 2009

Flying on two wheels.

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Geelong bike race 1, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

I had the great job of covering the Jayco Bay Classic bike racing this week.

I was covering the races for Team Podium Bike Hub and I will post some team photos here after I have delivered the pix to the client. (sorry, the client gets t see their photos first… however I did get a couple of nice practice shots of other teams)

This pic is really the first time I have tried in all earnestness to get a good pan motion shot happening.

I was very happy with it.

Cheers G


7 September, 2008

Up there …

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Frisbee 19.jpg, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

Ultimate Frisbee… its an energetic, aerobic game and until this week-end something I had never seen. Teams of men and women enjoy this fun, semi-contact sport and obviously enjoy the competition.

This weekend’s tournament was held at Elgar Park in Box Hill and the weather held off until the last minute. I was amazed at the athleticism of many of these guys and gals in their chase for the spinning disc.

Thanks Bec for the invite and I hope to catch y’all out at Albert Park or some other venue soon.

To see more of these action pix, please click on this pic and go to my flickr site. There are about 40 pix there. Cheers G

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