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23 May, 2009

Akmal – Comedian

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Akmal 2.jpg, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having Akmal in the studio for an interview… Hey, I love comedians almost as much as musicians…

At least I can crack the occasional funny – I really can’t play a note on any instrument.

Thanks Akmal, I am looking at the “Diametric View” theme more seriously now. g


14 April, 2009

Dayne Lawless

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Dayne Lawless, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

Hey there trendsetters…
Introducing Dayne Lawless – Drummer and all round good guy.

Dayne and I just finished a marathon photo shoot and I was so pleased that we had all that extra time – the massive Drum kit that Dayne plays is spectacular and available to see soon in the linked Flickr account…

But boy is it a massive thing to set up. Brilliant for the camera and a joy to light.

See more of Dayne’s Photos on his Facebook site soon.

Ciao g

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