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10 February, 2009

Accidental Self Portrait

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GSW BW 800, originally uploaded by gavin.warren.

Hi there gang,
I was in the studio on Monday and was fiddling about with one of my flash heads which has taken it upon itself to work whenever it wants and not necessarily when I want it to. Turns out the secondary flash synch cell was not aligned with the primary flash… primary is a 1 metre soft-box and isn’t throwing to the secondary which is a silver brolly. The flash heads are Interfit Colourflash units, reasonably priced and reasonable performance. I fixed the cell by mounting a small reflector made of half a pie tinfoil case to the flash body to reflect the soft-box flash. if the synch cell isn’t aligned, you can bounce the light in… it works a treat!

So without the remote, I had to manually press the shutter release and ended up getting a load of shots (mostly of the side of my big melon) but this one stood out.

I know that I am not the most photogenic bloke under the sun, but I sent this to mom and she loves it.

For the Pixel Peepers…. this is how I did it.

I am using a Nikon D700, Nikkor 50mm f1,4 lens, Manfrotto 468RC2 ball head on a Velbon Carbonfibre tripod, Hahnel radio remote (when I remember it) two Iterfit Colourflash 1000 watt/second heads with one softbox (key light) and one bounced out of a silver brolly (fill light) 

This photo is 1/400 at f/13 with ISO 800.  Captured on a SanDisk 4Gb CF card.

Post processing with Aperture 2 for cropping, NIK software’s Silver EFEX Pro using full spectrum filters (inverse) with some tweaking of the structure and brightness.  

Mac Pro …. of course…

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  1. Mmmmm…..

    Comment by Debbie Giacomi — 9 April, 2009 @ 9:45 am | Reply

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