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7 November, 2007

A perception of truth.

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I had a very strange experience in court yesterday…. ( I can’t make too many comments right now as the matter is part heard) … I faced a very hostile cross-examination regarding an incident that happened over a year ago. Events which have cost me a great deal of time, money and consternation.

A year ago last June I was assaulted and my vehicle damaged…. yesterday I was shown photos, taken by my assailant after the event, that had clearly been constructed to look like the incident happened in a different place. Certain debris was removed from its original position and placed in a different position to try and exculpate the assailant, or to minimise his effort and reduce his appearance of guilt.

To be faced with clearly doctored “evidence” was freightening and tantamount to defending ones-self against perjury.

The counsel for the assailant also attepted to enter into evidence certain things that the assailant had found about me on the internet…. even down to comments that I have made in motorcycle forums. It was bizarre to say the least. Te unrelenting attack took a great toll on me. To be subjected to that kind of scrutiny is harrowing and uncomfortable to say the least.

On the positive side of the coin… The protestations of the assailant when his barrister didn’t ask certain questions or use his phrasiology were quite comical. He was told at one stage, “shut up and let me run this cross-examination – do you want to do it all yourself?”

I can only hope that the arrogance of this man leads him into the witness box…. the Police should have a great case for perjury if that happens.

PS: Be very careful what you say in forums and in websites / blogs etc….. if you work in an area such as I do…. it can all come back to bite you on the bum!

Cheers, Tex

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  1. Hmm…I recently joined Facebook…and I am a bit worried about using it to be honest…you’re right, in this line of work…the less people know…the better!!

    Comment by Phoenix — 8 November, 2007 @ 2:47 am | Reply

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